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In-School Solution

We know our Summer Camp and After School Program will make a difference.


But we also anticipate that they alone might not be enough to help some students achieve remediation goals, overcome trust and attachment issues, or address complex and emotional and behavioral needs.


Our hypothesis is that, to have real impact in addressing the complex root causes leading to today's dismal outcomes for many foster children, an in-school solution will be needed too. Our plan is to use data and insights from the first year of operation to test and build on this idea, and we're preparing to launch a pilot of The Academy's in-school solution in 2017


Check out the video below to learn more about our thoughts for The Academy...

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The Academy would offer students:


  • A guaranteed, consistent school placement from 7th grade through 12th grade, no matter what happens outside of school

  • A safe, supportive and reliable environment in which to learn

  • A team made up of consistent, caring and empathetic adults, that they can learn to count on

  • A robust curriculum, focused on developing core skills first and foremost

  • An opportunity to build relationships with peers with similar life experiences

  • A tailored, holistic plan, designed to accommodate individual needs, commitments and interests both in and outside of school

  • In-school therapeutic services, provided in partnership with A Home Within

  • Transportation to and from school

  • An extended school day and school year, filled with extra-curricular activities and new experiences, helping to uncover new talents and interests that would otherwise go undiscovered

  • Support and guidance so they can dream and prepare for their own personal vision of their future.

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