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Thank you to all of our supporters for making this such a fun and successful event.




Saturday, May 1 @ 5PM PST


Purchase tickets by EAST COAST 4/20 & WEST COAST 4/23 to make sure your items arrive on time.

Donations are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

The Academy Project and Happi Foodi are joining forces with The Wine House to bring you a night filled with cooking, eating, drinking, and fun. Chef Maiki Le will cook a favorite recipe with you while Jim Knight talks about (and tastes) two wines that pair perfectly.

THE BEST PART: 100% of the proceeds from your ticket will go towards our #FILLTHETRUCK CAMPAIGN to help bring delicious, healthy, meals to foster and homeless youth in South Los Angeles.

Your ticket includes the secret code to join the event, a list of ingredients so you can cook along with Chef Maiki, and 2 bottles of wine so you can taste along with Jim. The wine, ingredient list, and recipe will be shipped to you in advance.

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@  5pm  PST

EAT, DRINK, & #FILLTHETRUCK may not be suitable for all audiences. Wine will be consumed and with Jim participating, there are bound to be shenanigans that may not be appropriate for the younger crowd.

The Academy Project is a 501c3 nonprofit that provides resources and advocacy to foster and homeless youth in South Los Angeles through community, education, and empowerment.

Happi Foodi exists to unleash the inner foodie in everyone, regardless of where they live. That is why we partner with organizations that provide access to affordable healthy food options for people living in food deserts or through food insecurity. Yummy, good-for-you food has the power to nourish souls, transform lives and enable communities to thrive.

Chef Maiki Le has spent the past 23 years honing her cooking skills with some of the best chefs in New York and Los Angeles, as well as paving her own career path as Executive Chef. Along the way, she has won victories on the Food Network’s 24 Hour Restaurant Battle and Chopped. She is currently the Chef of Wine House Kitchen (previously known as Upstairs 2), a new restaurant project from Knight’s Restaurant Group slated to open in late 2021 or early 2022.

The Knight family own Knight’s Restaurant Group and The Wine House, which has been serving customers from around the world for over 40 years and was named as one of the Ten Best Wine Stores in the World by Food & Wine. With a 25,000 square foot facility in West Los Angeles, The Wine House has a vast selection of over 6,000 domestic and imported wines, spirits and beers that is one of the largest and well-curated collections in the country.

Jim Knight is the owner and operator of The Wine House, and his wife, Lauren Costa, is the Founder & Executive Director of The Academy Project.

As long-standing residents of Los Angeles, the Knights and Chef Maiki continue the legacy of independent local business support for the community.

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