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We're thrilled to be accepting referrals for participation in our two week summer camp in July, Camp Xavier!


Camp will take place between July 18th to 31st 2016. Enrollment will also automatically guarantee students a place in our after-school program, Co-Op, on track to be launched this fall. 


We'd love to hear from you if you have a student in mind, who is based in or close to South Los Angeles, that could be a good fit for our program. As a first step, we're asking that you get in touch via the form below. We'll come back within 24 hours to arrange a brief discussion (by phone, or face-to-face if you'd prefer) to share more information and to work together to plan how best to engage your referee and their caregivers. 


Here's a brief overview to help you determine if your student(s) might be a good fit for the program.....




Aside from being based in or close to South Los Angeles, our biggest consideration is helping those foster youth most in need of support in being "high school ready". We suspect those who'll get the most from the program will:

  • Be starting grade 7 or 8 in September 2016

  • Have been in the foster care system for some time

  • Be performing below grade level

  • Already be on an Individualized Education Program (IEP) or have special educational needs

  • Have demonstrated trust or attachment issues

  • Have never, or only very recently, experienced a stable family home placement.




At Camp Xavier, participants can expect a summer they'll never forget! We have two awesome weeks planned, jam packed full of exciting activities and experiences, the likes of which we imagine they will not have experienced before. Included are mountain biking, swimming, archery, a challenge ropes course, 50 foot alpine climbing tower, hiking, volleyball, arts & crafts, sports, photography and drama - to name just a few! 


As the program progresses into the after-school schedule, our immediate goal becomes supporting participants with being 'high school ready'. By focusing on their remediation and well-being needs in the two years leading up to high school, we believe we can help students to be better prepared for the high school experience and better equipped to succeed. But our support doesn't just stop in grade 9. We'll continue to be a community they can return to all the way through high school and beyond.


Benefits members will experience from participating in our program:

  • The sense of stability that comes from routine

  • The ability to build consistent relationships with caring and empathetic adults 

  • A community of peers that have experienced similar challenges

  • Tutoring and remediation

  • Therapeutic services

  • Mentoring

  • Exposure to a variety of extra-curricular activities 

  • A culture driven from the belief every youth deserves hope, a 'tribe' and the space, encouragement and support to achieve their full potential.


If you have a student in mind that you'd like to put forward for the program, simply fill in the form below or reach out to us at We'll be in touch within 24 hours to arrange a time to talk in more detail.


Thank you in advance for your time and support!








Success! Thank you so much for your referral. The Academy Project team will be in touch shortly.

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