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50% of foster youth will be homeless or in prison 2-4 years after leaving the system

 Improving educational and life

outcomes for foster youth in

South Los Angeles, CA 

through community,

empowerment, and education.  

Image by Jonathan Rados

The COUNTY of Los Angeles

has more foster youth than

the STATE of New York.

LA's Child Welfare System is 


The statistics speak for



our mission

There are currently over 35,000 foster youth in Los Angeles County.  Here at The Academy Project (TAP), we believe the dismal outcomes facing foster youth can be improved through community, empowerment, and education.  Join us in tackling the statistics, head on.



TAP's programs have been heavily influenced by research and findings that show stability and consistency can have a beneficial effect on changing outcomes for foster and at-risk youth.  

Targeting foster youth in middle school currently most at-risk of not completing their high school diplomas, TAP creates stability in an educational setting, while providing them the opportunity to form strong relationships with peers and caring adults.

With the right level of support, at the right time, these youth can be set on a path to success.

Camp Xavier

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The co-Op

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$1 equals breakfast

for one child.

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