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how it works

The Academy Project (TAP) was born from the principle that keeping school as a point of stability can significantly help foster youths succeed educationally while providing them with the opportunity to form strong relationships with peers and caring adults.

TAP operates around the regular school schedule, with an extended year round schedule providing students the opportunity to participate in a variety of enrichment activities outside of class.

There is no cost to attend any program, as tuition is fully funded by The Academy Project.

TAP currently offers two programs 


Participation is targeted to middle school aged foster youth, currently most at-risk of not completing their high school diploma.  Many other programs in Los Angeles take a slightly different approach, targeting those foster youth who are showing the most potential to succeed or providing support to older, transitional aged youth.  


Selection is based on referrals to the program by Social Workers, Lawyers, In-School Foster Youth Liaisons, Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA), etc.  Youth will also be encouraged to self-submit if they are interested in participating.  


Once a youth is part of TAP, they are always a "Member" of TAP's Community.  We refer to our youth as "Members" to reinforce a sense of stability, security, and inclusivity..

tap ensures

a guaranteed spot

Members will always have a place at TAP, from 6th grade through 12th grade graduation and beyond.   We'll offer transportation solutions to help Members get to and from TAP, and stick with them through any placement or foster care status changes.

mentor relationships

TAP creates reliable access to a safe and supportive environment where youth can build long-lasting relationships with a consistent group of caring, responsible adult role-models.

tutoring services

TAP includes a robust curriculum, focused on developing core skills first and foremost including Reading Partners, TAP's reading remediation and mentoring program.

a holistic plan

TAP"s Members are provided a program tailored to accommodate individual needs, commitments, and interests both in and outside of school.

peer community

By having a close community of peers in a similar situation, our Members embrace their own narrative and build confidence in the power to influence their future outcomes.

extra-curricular activities

TAP provides an opportunity for our youth to try new activities and build new skills, to uncover hidden talents and interests that would otherwise go undiscovered.

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One donation of

$100 pays for snacks for one child for an entire year.

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