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Camp xavier

Camp Xavier acts as a break from daily summer routines for Campers and Members participating in The Co-Op, our after school program. Designed to inspire and educate, Camp Xavier is built around creative activities and team building.

Bonded by this unique experience, Members start the new school year and our after-school program, The Co-Op, with a sense of community and confidence in their own ability to shape their futures.

Week 1:
Day Camp at Loyola High School

Day Camp, located on the campus of Loyola High School in the Pico-Union neighborhood of  Los Angeles, CA, is an opportunity for Members to meet and get to know each other while exploring subjects and activities that most interest them.

In partnership with Loyola, high school students volunteer to be counselors-in-training.  The ratio of counselor to camper is almost one to one.   Guided by supportive adult role models and surrounded by their peers Members build trust and a sense of community.  Most importantly, Camp Xavier is a fun, care-free experience where Members can explore their unique interests and strengths.

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week 2:
ucla unicamp

Sleep-away camp takes place in the San Bernardino Mountains in partnership with UCLA UniCamp. Most of our Members have never left Los Angeles before, let alone been to summer camp. This time away from the stresses of their normal lives in an exciting, safe environment can be transformational. Classic summer camp activities such as mountain biking, swimming, and archery make up the agenda.

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