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the co-op

The Co-Op is our after-school program, held at Mann UCLA Community School from dismissal to 6 PM. The Co-Op also engages in outings and adventures during occasional weekends and school breaks. The Co-Op is designed around key development aspects, including social support and community building alongside academic encouragement. These factors have been proven to increase educational success, student wellness, capability, and confidence.  

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program design


The curriculum of The Co-Op consists of homework help and tutoring, social and emotional learning, physical activity, and arts education along with enrichment activities and outings.  


Along with our mental health care partners, The Co-Op will supervise one-to-one therapeutic relationships for each of our Members.  Once the type and frequency of therapy is prescribed, we will support our Members with scheduling and transportation, if necessary.


Through our partner organizations, Members meet with mentors both inside and outside of The Co-Op to ensure continued educational enhancement and encouragement.  


The Co-Op provides an organized environment and a well-established schedule, which has been shown to give a sense of stability and permanence, something often missing for its Members and yet vital to their success.


Members are encouraged to participate in actively planning their futures By utilizing an approach based on problem-solving, learning, and discovery, Members find their voices and begin to own their personal narrative.  

safe haven

Above all else, TAP offers Members a community: a place where they know they are safe, have consistent support, and are always welcome.

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